Liberty at the Ballot

2018 starts now with

Getting on the ballot is job #1 for candidates.

In some states, Libertarian campaigns start off by petitioning. Help make a critical difference by helping get the campaign off to the right start. They need your help! Can you lend a hand and collect some signatures?


The most important thing about gathering signatures is you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how willing people are to help you.  You’ll find many people interested in learning more about libertarian ideas.

We just need you to make it happen.

Step 1 - Find An Opportunity

Click here to find the closest petitioning drive near you

Step 2 - Reach out

Email the petition coordinator and let them know you can help

Step 3 - Get equipped

Get petition forms, clipboards, pens from the campaign

Step 4 - Collect Signatures

Find busy areas to collect signatures. Grab a friend to go out with or go by yourself. Teams of 2 work best. If a local race, door to door may be required.

(Join other Libertarian volunteers like this!)

Join a campaign near you!

Make a critical difference by getting candidates onto the ballot